About TT Training Consultants

TT Training Consultants provides software development and training for Microsoft Office applications as well as database design and development for all major platforms, and management solutions for all your IT projects. We think you should have the opportunity to run your business and concentrate fully on the broader goals of your organization without worrying about the effective execution of IT solutions.

Our Services

We provide IT training and development services in the following areas for all businesses and industries:

  • Excel Automation and Development
  • Excel Dashboard Development
  • Bill Preparation and Automation
  • Prec H
  • Other Automation Processes

Our History

TT Training Consultants has a nearly decade-long history of working with some of the world’s industry leaders providing training and IT solutions in a number of service areas. In our early days, our emphasis was on small-scale consultancy projects and training. Over time, our emphasis has shifted to developing larger IT projects for companies like Amgen and EDF Trading, among others.

For the past three years, our primary emphasis has been on the development of applications and automation of business processes for Cost Lawyers, particularly in the area of standardizing legal bill preparation and adherence to the latest industry requirements. We also work with clients in a variety of industries, including:

  • Financial Institutions
  • Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Legal Firms and Attorneys
  • Fashion
  • Other Automation Processes

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