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At TT Training Consultants, we provide software development services for Microsoft Office applications, database design and development for all major databases, IT project management, and Microsoft Office training.
We specialize in Excel Automation, development of Excel-based dashboards, designing Access databases, and integration solutions incorporating Office applications.


Excel Automation

When you consider the amount of time it takes to do things with Microsoft Excel, it becomes apparent that having ways to automate some of these processes would go a long way in increasing productivity.

What if instead of you and your staff entering data, running comparisons over thousands of rows spread out over multiple tabs, and keeping all of your spreadsheets up to date, these tasks could be automated? The good news is that many of these functions can be automated, and that is where TT Training Consultants comes in.

We know that you and your staff already have a firm grasp of the basics of using Excel, but more intricate tasks require a deeper knowledge of how the software works. It can take hours researching the processes necessary to complete a single task, and that has an adverse effect on productivity. What if the need to complete those tasks was already part of a larger automated process?

Excel Automation allows your staff to keep their focus on their primary responsibilities.

It also eliminates human error that can lead to backtracking efforts costing multiplied thousands, even just tracking down and correcting minor discrepancies. Automation also equals regularity, so running tasks at regular intervals just becomes part of the process. No more scheduling or waiting – your important tasks run on a set schedule and at whatever intervals you choose.

What Can Excel Automate?

Here is a brief list of the most common automation processes that can be performed within Excel:

  • Running analysis reports
  • Applying style and formatting
  • Manipulating data
  • Creating new data worksheets from the existing ones
  • Sorting data
  • Communicating with data source, i.e. seamlessly moving data between Access and Excel or between Oracle and Excel
  • Transferring data to other applications
  • Filling web forms with Excel spreadsheet data

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Excel Dashboards

Dashboard reports give management a high-level overview of their business. They provide the data necessary to make difficult decisions quickly based on good, accurate data. An Excel dashboard is a powerful tool that provides analysis, insight, and alerts in a timely manner. It is also easy to understand and provides excellent visual representations of raw numbers via charts and tables.


Dashboard reports provide valuable insights into the key performance indicators of any business and offer the ability to interact with the data, creating custom filters that display desired or appropriate views.

TT Training Consultants can create ideal dashboards for all of your projects. We also provide training on how to create new ones and teach you how to use them to the greatest benefit of your organization.

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Database Design and Development

The process of database design involves finding and organizing information, creating a logical (and, most commonly, relational) data model, normalizing the data, finding the relationship, and creating a physical data model. We can provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to do any or all of the following:

  • Create or efficiently redesign existing data structures
  • Optimize data access
  • Create custom data applications
  • Help manage and migrate your existing data to new database


At TT Training Consultants, we specialize in database design, custom application development, and migration and SQL optimization for Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server, and Oracle. We are committed to helping businesses organize their data in ways that increase efficiency and cut costs.

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MS Office Training

When you partner with TT Training Consultants, your staff will learn from trainers who have real-world, hands-on development experience. All of our trainers bring with them an in-depth knowledge and understanding of Microsoft Office products and applications, and they know how to use them in real-world scenarios.



We offer a pre-developed training structure and curriculum, but we can also tailor our training structure and provide a customized program that meets the specific needs of your organization.

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Power BI (Business Intelligence)


Have you ever needed to draw data from multiple Excel worksheets and ended up with creating a clunky flat table with numerous VLOOKUPs?

Or perhaps you wanted to draw data from multiple data sources – database, Excel, Web? Or did you ever need to process more than a million rows?

Perhaps you are frustrated by the limitations of Pivot Tables, especially when it comes to calculated fields? Or you wanted to create a visual report which is flexible and easily changeable. And what about sharing this report via the internet?

 The answer to these questions – is Power BI.



What is Power BI?

Power BI is a relatively new Microsoft product for data modelling, analysis and visualization. It is part of MS Office and does not require additional licensing.

It gives end users the power of SQL data querying combined with visualization tools integrated with web and mobile. Using Power BI you can aggregate data from different data sources and generate real time reports with ease.

We can create data models and reports for you. We provide training courses for beginners and advanced users.

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